CSE 2017 Mains – Analysis of Geography Paper

Dear aspirants, amidst a lot of apprehensions that the Geography Mains Paper was challenging, that too when the time at our disposal is limited,were largely correct, but the fact that cannot be ignored is that by its nature UPSC is challenging and no mean task to achieve. A deeper analysis of Geography optional Paper-1 as well as Paper-2 makes it clear that both the papers were manageable by an aspirant well prepared in order to perform in difficult circumstances and come out brighter along with superior answer writing skills enriched with the relevant fodder/points to be incorporated in order to substantiate his arguments. Also the benefits of the optional exceed their core domain and find mention even in general studies and essay.

Regarding the paper, the questions such as Periglacial cycles, pseudovulcanic features, low energy coasts,micro carbon sinks,PAVE theory were part of the unprepared topics for a usual hardworking aspirant(although few could be attempted to score few marks in them too). But the fact cannot be discounted that such questions held a weightage of just 50-60 marks (out of which 30 marks could still be attempted easily by choosing the right questions). Hence, the overall impact resorts to just 20 marks(which were compulsory)while the paper-2 could be beautifully and efficiently managed by an aspirant equipped with current knowledge and the skill to blend it with geographical discipline.

Also a deeper analysis of the 2016 mains paper establishes the fact that similar unprepared questionswere present in that paper too( Newbigin’s floristic regions, world climatic research program etc) with a
weightage of 35 marks. This was the year which has produced motivating result for the optional. Hence,
the key to better score can be traced from Kaizen approach( change for betterment) by engaging more
constructive views and building an environment without fear and ushering out successful.
Remember –“ Learnings are always more than failures for an observant person”.

Chrome IAS Team proudly announces that Geography mains (2017) Paper 2 of 205 marks weightage
and Paper 1 of 140 marks weightage were predicted on similar lines based on the limited questions and
very few articles posted on our website and other forums such as facebook page(chrome IAS
geography) and telegram group which has been beneficial for the followers and believers.

We hope that you realize the fact without wasting much time in speculations and self doubts
start to sharpen up your arsenal for the final battle. Let us bring back the heydays of Geography together.
All the best.