[ CSE Interview ] Session on ‘How To Prepare For Civil Services Interview ‘

Over the years, Civil Services Exam has changed in its nature and character and has scripted the destiny of thousands of aspirants to the world of new opportunities. Yet again, the time has come for aspirants to pull up the socks and get into the serious business of preparing for the final leg.

Interview is an art of probing into one’s life and personality which gives an approximate idea to the Interviewer of the suitability of the candidate as a Civil Servant.

Thus, with time in our hand let’s start for this final blow which can script your dream of being Civil Servant and there by serving the Public at grass root level.

We are kick starting Interview Guidance Program under Mridul Purohit and M. Karthikeyan and inviting Mains Aspirants to discuss their personal doubts and issues with regard to Interview Process.

Details of the first lecture are mentioned below:

First Session on 29th November / Friday

Time – 11 AM ( Note – No Entry after 11:05 AM )

By M. Karthikeyan


[Optional] Punjabi Literature ( By SARABJIT SINGH )

Batch Starts  – 15th November

  • Score 300 + in Punjabi Literature .
  • Crisp & to the Point Approach for UPSC Main Exam
  • Answer Writing Strategy to be discussed in Class

For any Clarification Call – 985533945 , 9990356664

Sarabjit Singh Sir takes the Credit for the Highest Score in Punjabi Literature in Last 3 Years. 

Notes –  [ LIMITED SEATS ]

[Optional] Political Science Demo Lecture


Once again in 2018 – Optional has proven its worth in Civil Services Examination. PSIR especially has helped aspirants achieve  the dream of becoming IAS. But,to reach the mark of 300+ in optional requires skillful answer writing & refined Content base.

Our Crash Course is designed to help you revise the Syllabus in a prioritized manner.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the demo class

Date : 5th June & 8th June

Time : 11:00 Am

Faculty : Dr. Joshi  (Ex. Civil Servant)



Demo Class Registration form – Click Here

[ ENTRANCE TEST ] Civil Services – Mains Focus Group (CS-MFG) for CS (Mains)-2020 – Starts 12 June, 2019

Entrance Test – 9 June , 2019

Starts from 12 June ,2019

[ 150 Seats Only ]

Regular Test Assignments for Exhaustive & In-depth Syllabus Revision for

CSE – Mains, 2020

After successfully completing MFG FIRST BATCH of 2018-2019 , We are launching MFG – 2019-2020 for 2020 MAINS.

Following details would be IMP for the students interested in practicing MAINS ANSWER WRITING regularly.

Click Here to Download The Program Details


CHROME IAS, as an institution believes in the capacity of individuals and their own innovative ways to excel in life. Over the years, large section of aspirants have believed that UPSC can be cleared with shortcuts, we strongly oppose this misplaced notion. It is truly said , ‘ There is no elevator to Success, You have to take the Stairs‘.

Having said this, one important fact to be understood is that it is not just Content rather  ‘relevant and filtered content’ which makes the perfect recipe for the exam.

We believe, as the aspirant is the main stakeholder in the preparation , so the onus lies on him/her to gather information and process it to a deeper level for the better  understanding of important topics.

But at the same time another reality of the preparation is that there are numerous sources at students disposal and one has to cover multiple subjects including optional in limited time frame. Thus at times the preparation seems to be going out of hand and become off track. Thus one needs to refine his/her choices of reading and here the importance of relevant and filtered content comes into play.

Owing to this fact – CHROME IAS is starting   a monthly/Quarterly initiative to help aspirants focus on relevant areas and revisit crucial issues for prelims and Mains.

This is going to work as a VALUE ADDITION to the existing knowledge base of the candidate and can go a long way to supplement the overall preparatory level.

Students can keep watch over here for the updates of the magazine. Following versions of PERIODICAL would be available :


Monthly – Download Sample PERIODICAL

Quarterly – Coming Soon



Monthly – Download Sample PERIODICAL

Quarterly – Coming Soon


The idea behind PERIODICAL is to give you  3 C’sContext, Content and Coverage at one place so that one has to refer limited resources in ones preparation without getting confused about what to refer and what to avoid. This has a dual objective – one it gives you an edge in the competition when you read any topic (Prelims or Mains) in entirety , second it saves your time as we intent to make the coverage as holistic as possible.  This can help students in connecting the dots especially in Mains , where one has to present a comprehensive answer and in Prelims – as it is the ‘Test of Recognition‘, so if one has gone through the topic broadly, s/he can eliminate the options with ease.