Advanced Interview Program

Objective of Advanced Interview Program

Advanced Interview Program is the most comprehensive offering from Chrome IAS Academy to candidates who have got a call for final UPSC interview. It consists of multiple stages of the candidate’s personality assessment and his/her level of preparedness by a team of experienced Chrome IAS faculties, professional psychologists and by a panel of retired bureaucrats and renowned educationists. The mock interview panel consists of highly experienced academicians and psychological experts.

This program involves more stages of dedicated personality assessment and feedback sessions as compared to Regular Interview Program to give more opportunities to work upon and manage performance in the interview process through valuable insights by our team of experts. The program emphasizes on inculcating all the necessary bureaucratic traits in the candidate’s personality that’s required to perform decently in the Civil Services Interview.

Program Fee: Rs. 20,000/- (Including GST)

Starts: January 24, 2019

Approach & Strategy of Advanced Interview Program

In our opinion the aspirant should approach the interview panel with a calm openness, a readiness to face contradictory arguments by the interview panel, tolerance to be touched and probed on the sensitive aspects of one's life without losing to anxiety in forms like withdrawal or over aggressive talk. The candidate should free himself from personally relevant ambitions and ally himself with or find personal meaning in larger social dreams. Therefore the purpose of Regular Interview and Personality Development Program at Chrome IAS Academy is to facilitate a process in the individual that would make his ego stronger than before to cope with the emotional and intellectual challenges of the final interview. Please find below the different stages of Advanced Interview Program:


Pre-Interview Questionnaire

The objective of the pre-interview questionnaire is to get an imagination of those aspects of one’s self that are not readily available to one’s self for introspection to gain a deeper understanding of the self and the others. Such an understanding and awareness of the self is pivotal for a better management of self in its interactions with the other in the process of life by bringing a positive change in one’s attitude towards one self. A self that is not aware of these unconscious or hidden aspects of one’s self is likely to get jeopardized in those situations which evoke intense anxieties centered at one’s survival and one such situation is the interview process of UPSC. A more healthily integrated personality would be less anxious and would have more agency to reasonably utilize the internal and external resources that are available to it, hence would be in a better position to lead others in administrative and management roles in different sectors of growth and development at various levels of hierarchy. Such a self would be more secure and hence more open and receptive to others. The search for such a self is at the core of the interview process in UPSC and the development of such a self is our aim in the personality development and counseling program at Chrome IAS Academy. The pre-interview questionnaire would consist of a series of questions probing into different aspects of your life and personality. We would like to suggest you to be as honest as possible in giving your responses. A journey embarked with honesty with one’s self and with us would take you to your dream destination.

Pre-Interview Counseling Session with Psychologist

Pre-interview counseling is a stage where students will have a free-wheeling interpersonal interactive session with our counselor before appearing for the first mock interview. Here students should feel free to discuss any of their issues or apprehensions relating to their performance in personality test by UPSC interview board. This discussion may involve students strengths, weaknesses, fears or any other complexes that they wish to overcome for a well composed sense of self while interacting with the interview board. Further, with the help of some standard projective techniques, TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) one of them, a comprehensive personality assessment of every student will be done. Our goal with this interpersonal counseling session is to get a deeper understanding of you that would help us identify areas which needs to be worked upon.

First Informal Mock Interview and DAF Analysis Session with Chrome IAS Faculty Members

Your performance in first mock interview will get us the idea, how well prepared you are for the final round. You strengths, weaknesses and overall impression of your persona will be put under keen observation for further assessment. Your score in this test won't matter much but how naturally you express yourself. We would like to see the real you. Thereafter, we will suggest you diverse set of possible questions and areas that need to be worked out for actual UPSC interview.

Second Round of Counseling Session with Psychologist

Once you have passed through above three stages, our team of psychologists will sit for a discussion over their understanding of your performance and problem areas that need more psychological intervention for a better management specifically in the UPSC interview. Assisted with these comprehensive details, our counselor will have another session with the student where a deeper insightful psychological intervention would be provided on those malignancies and their possible manifestations in the interview process. Your psychologist would also suggest ways to manage them better with respect to their performance in the interview.

Communication Skills Training and Personality Development Workshop

After this second round of counseling, a sizeable group of students (10-15) will be formed for communication skills training and personality development workshop which will be conducted by experienced professional trainers and working/retired bureaucrats. This will be an interactive session where you will learn the bits and nuances of effective interpersonal communication and how to keep yourself calm and composed before the interview board so that the best of you comes out.

Interactive Sessions with Previous Years' Toppers

We will organize seminars, more along the lines of interactive sessions with our previous years' toppers so that you could benefit from their enriching experiences. You will be notified time to time whenever these seminars will be organized. You all are expected to attend these seminars with utmost sincerity.

Second Informal Mock Interview and DAF Analysis Session with Chrome IAS Faculty Members

This stage has been kept to add further refinements in your formal presentation before UPSC board. We will minutely examine every possible loose ends, if left any, and will suggest ways to improve them.

First Formal Mock Interview Session with Senior Bureaucrats

This is the first formal stage of your performance evaluation where your personality will be assessed and scored over stringent parameters in a closely simulated UPSC interview environment. You need to approach this interview with same seriousness as that of actual UPSC interview. After the interview, our panel of senior bureaucrats will be sharing their observations about you and suggestions for further improvement. If you have any doubt or further queries, you can discuss with them.

Third Round of Counseling Session with Psychologist

Based on your performance in the first formal mock and your experience of it, a third counseling session would be offered to you. In this session your psychologist would work with you to go more deep into your understanding of your problem and would try to help you in your management of your performance in the interview process through their insights into your problems.

Second Formal Mock Interview Session with Senior Bureaucrats

Once you are done with all the previous stages of informal/formal mock interview and counseling sessions, adding further refinements in every successive stages, you'll be called for a second and final round of formal mock interview session with senior bureaucrats.

Performance Evaluation and Feedback

Our team of formal/informal mock panel and professional psychologists will evaluate your performance and consistent improvement in every stage of this personality development program. We will jointly generate feedback and suggestions for further improvement and all these details along with score card will be communicated to you.

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Unique Features of Chrome IAS Interview Program

Interview Panel of Retd. Bureaucrats

Interview panel of retired bureaucrats of Indian Civil Service and renowned educationists.

DAF Analysis Session

Comprehensive DAF Analysis Session and Mock with experienced Chrome IAS faculties.

Current Affairs and Important Articles

Coverage of relevant National/International issues and how to answer opinion based questions.

Interactive Session with IAS Toppers

Interactive session with previous IAS Toppers to gain insights from their own experiences.

Mentor aided Continuous Improvement

Personal guidance for clarification of doubts via phone, email and over in-person sittings.

Video Recording of Mock Interview

Mock interview is video recorded and recording is given to the candidate for self assessment.

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